Richard F Kruse

Foreclosure Auctioneer & REO Real Estate Agent at Gryphon Realty
On the record

Richard F. Kruse is Managing Partner of Gryphon USA, Ltd. The company oversees a receivership & asset management group, a commercial auction business and a full service real estate brokerage; Gryphon Realty. Further he is a Co-Founder of WaveFireX, LLC, a nationwide provider of brokerage and auction services to the default industry and a Co-Founder of iSynergy Network an organization of international business executives. Mr. Kruse’s engagements are primarily focused on complex state and federal level legal matters, foreclosure and insolvency. Since 1996, he has acted in the capacity of receiver, interim manager, asset purchaser, liquidating agent, equipment appraiser, broker, property manager and/or auctioneer in transactions throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada – all with combined asset values over $2 billion dollars. In 2003, Mr. Kruse began accepting receivership appointments throughout Ohio, and ever since, has managed hundreds of transactions through the sale or wind down process.

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