Ricky Ray Butler

CEO at BEN Group
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Ricky Ray is the Chief Executive Officer at BEN Group. Ricky Ray loves helping brands increase engagement, establish product credibility and build active brand advocate communities through the power of product integration. Under his leadership, BEN became the first entertainment company to leverage deep learning neural networks that are backed with four decades of proprietary campaign data for client successes.

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  • Creators have an unparalleled ability to enact social and environmental change, as do philanthropic organizations and brands when they leverage entertainment. BEN is proud to stand in their corner, offering our strategic advice and AI technology to bolster their initiatives. When MrBeast called me and our team to support the incredible #TeamSeas initiative, we knew that he could make a real difference. Together with his influence and our technology, we amplified the campaign above and beyond our initial goals. BEN is honored to help MrBeast – and other creators, brands, and organizations like him – reach audiences, drive calls-to-action, and change the world. We look forward to continuing this important work and partnering with iconic figures like MrBeast, who will be known for generations to come for his impact on our society and our planet.

    31 January 2022