Rob Williams

Managing Director of Financial Planning at Charles Schwab
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Rob leads a research team that provides thought-leadership, research and commentary to Schwab clients and representatives on a range of wealth management topics, including goal-based planning, investment management, insurance and risk management, estate planning, fixed income investing, and retirement income and income planning. He writes and speaks on these topics in variety of forums, to Schwab clients, representatives, and advisors.

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  • Retirement is something people have worked for their whole life and they prepare for it, but often leading into retirement there's this sudden fear and uncertainty about preparation.

  • If investors make sure they have the right mix of cash, high-quality bonds and stocks, the diversification can cushion any blows. What's more, taking these measures now means that retirees will have to worry less about selling investments down the road.

  • Another option, known as "tapping principal," happens when investors look at rebalancing the portfolio with an eye toward selling investments to access some of their principal. Think of it instead as tapping all sources of return from your portfolio.

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