Robert Gerwig

SVP, Distribution & Logistics at Sweetwater
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Robert Gerwig is the Senior Vice President of Distribution and Logistics at Sweetwater. Robert is an executive with expertise in general management, manufacturing, logistics and operations. He has more than twenty-five years of experience delivering results in global organizations: increasing revenue, reducing costs, reducing delivery times, driving efficiencies and improving earnings.

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  • No one is immune from the shortages that so many industries are experiencing right now. Many overseas suppliers have been hit with container and trucking shortages, as well as rate hikes. To help offset different issues, it’s important to bolster your planning and forecasting algorithms, and to pay close attention to how you are making your vendor workflow more efficient. There isn’t a perfect solution for any shortages, but partnering at a much deeper level with vendors has helped the entire supply chain anticipate and get ahead to a great degree.

    22 October 2021
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    22 October 2021
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    SVP, Distribution & Logistics