Robyn Hannah

Senior Director, Global Communication at Dynamic Signal
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Robyn believes that communication is the vehicle through which we disseminate company culture, articulate values, elevate employees, and execute vision. At a time when we have more channels, mediums, and measurement than ever before, she feels incredibly privileged to couple her over 15 years of experience in internal and external communication with the fantastic technology now available to us, to drive business success in this golden age of storytelling.

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  • Stay curious, be empathetic and ask better questions. Particularly in business-to-business, customers are often focused on how to report the ROI of a product or service. Engage customers with curiosity to understand why they want specific information. This often uncovers key objectives and underlying pain points, which allows us to equip customers with the data and information they actually need.

    8 March 2021
  • Clubhouse presents a huge opportunity for brands. If your employees are engaged, informed and feel valued, they can be powerful, trusted advocates in these online spaces.

    8 March 2021
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  • Dynamic Signal
    Senior Director, Global Communication