Rocco Marchiori, CPA, CISA

VP of Risk Management at Blockware Mining
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1+ years as supervisor at McDonald’s Corporation within the Global Internal Audit department. 1.5+ years as co-founder and managing member of BlockBalance, providing bookkeeping and fund administration services for individuals, companies and funds within the digital asset space. 3.5+ years as senior risk consultant at Grant Thornton designing, implementing, and testing internal controls for business process and IT systems. Experienced in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SOC 1, and internal audit based compliance

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  • A lot is at stake. Everyone working in this space wants clarity, especially “a clear definition of a broker”, because brokers under the law will have reporting requirements that go beyond what is demanded of traditional brokers. The Coinbases of the world are prepared to file 1099 tax forms as required, but not developers or transaction validators.

    1 October 2021
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  • Blockware Mining
    VP of Risk Management