Rohit Aggarwal

CEO and Founder at Koenig Solutions
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Rohit Aggarwal is the CEO and Founder at Koenig Solutions. Rohit is a Computer Science graduate with over 25 years experience in the IT training industry. After an unnerving struggle for ten years, he was able to realize the wisdom of "persistence pays". From a loss-making enterprise for the first ten years of its existence, Koenig is today a well to do IT education company. He is passionate about technology and driving to make Koenig a technology company which uses technology to deliver Best-in-Class IT Training.

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  • We are extremely happy with our results and are well positioned in 2021 for expansive growth of the community, customers, and overall market share. With disruptions in the traditional tech industry, we are focused on bringing new trends and new practices to the IT training industry. Our 4-hour training, rare flexibility, service guarantees, and world-class partnerships are filling the needs of the c-suite and IT departments.

    5 September 2021
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