Rois Ni Thuama

Head of Cyber Governance at Red Sift
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A doctor of law and subject matter expert in governance and risk mitigation, Rois is highly experienced in her role as Head of Cyber Governance. She works with key clients across a wide range of industries including legal, finance, banking and oil & gas, and regularly writes and presents content focussed on significant cyber threats, the latest trends and risk management.

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  • A weak cyber security posture that is discoverable on a quick query is the equivalent to painting a target on your back. There's a new email standard on its way called BIMI, and that will indicate that a firm has robust email authentication standards in place. Of course, the absence of this identifier will create a new 'tell' for hackers so that they won't need to run a query. They can simply send a message to someone in the firm and the response will reveal to what extent this firm is vulnerable.

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