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CEO at carVertical
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Business development superstar, Mr. Let’s-Make-It-Our-Own-Way. carVertical’s CEO for the past four years, Rokas Medonis has been heading this data company to conquer the global automotive industry in non-standard ways. Prior to Rokas role at carVeritical, Rokas was a business developer for Kosmetikos DNR. From 2015 he was managing director and co-founder of infamous fast-food chain Keule Ruke. In 2019 he made an exit from Keule Ruke and was also a board member in privately held venture capital fund Startup Highway. He is a digital marketing specialist with background in conversion optimization, PPC, A/B and multivariate testing who brings measurable return on investment and provides data driven decisions.

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  • This move, along with other strategically important decisions, has ensured strong and stable growth for the firm. Until now, all our customers have been private car buyers. However, we started investing in business segment development in the second half of the year. We are setting up a B2B sales team and have already signed contracts with used car dealers, ranging from small businesses to official manufacturers dealerships and even credit companies all over Europe.

    14 December 2021
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