Rory Byrne

Co-founder and Executive Director at Security First
On the record

Rory co-founded Security First in 2013 to develop technology and training that makes security easy for everyone. He has overseen the development and launch of Umbrella, a free, open source Android app containing up-to-date digital and physical security resources for use in hostile environments, and Tent, a content management system for other organisations to publish their own version of Umbrella.

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  • This is a bit like a burglar adding a backdoor to every house in your estate but the door they used was made of plywood and lots of other random people's keys will fit in the lock. Except your estate is everything from banks to hospitals. Right now the urgency of alerts from Irish and international authorities reflects the severity of this threat. Many have attributed this reckless attack to China. What probably started as a state-level operation focused on gathering information now means criminals may be able to access, steal and ransom the data and essential services of thousands of Irish businesses.

    19 April 2021
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