Rosalind Wiggins

Director, The Global Financial Crisis Project & Senior Editor at Yale School of Management and 4 other companies
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  • The Financial Crisis Archives is an adjunct to the other work that we do at YPFS. We’re collecting important primary and secondary documents relating to crises so that they will be available in one place to policymakers, scholars, and others, even when the originators choose to no longer post them on their websites. The archives can be assessed directly from the YPFS website and later will be also accessible through our New Bagehot interface and other materials that we create. In the midst of a crisis, policymakers will be able to quickly see how important programs were designed and implemented.

    Much of our work is directed towards policymakers and scholars, but the average citizen also is an important stakeholder in crises and their outcomes, as a taxpayer, consumer, employee. With the Global Financial Crisis Project, we want to reach beyond our initial important audiences to increase knowledge of this significant historical event among educators and the public in general. We hope to do this by developing a series of easy-to-use and relatable curricula and self-learning tools that will be free and available to all.

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