Ross Gray

Vice President, Product - Connectivity Solutions at Sierra Wireless
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Ross Gray is the VP, Product - Connectivity Solutions at Sierra Wireless. Ross has held several roles at Sierra Wireless including product and marketing roles in embedded modules, software, cloud and connectivity solutions. Prior to Sierra Wireless, Ross was at Telus, a national carrier in Canada. Ross is an established high-tech executive with a proven track record from new concepts to mainstream growth in IOT. He has extensive global experience including 4 years based in Europe. Ross holds a B.Sc in Mathematics.

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  • IoT devices, sensors and gateways are becoming crucial to the operation of large-scale charging networks due to the vital data they can extract and because they support remote management and monitoring. As a result, EV charging providers must think carefully about the connectivity layer they deploy to create a sustainable EV charging environment. Robust connectivity provides a bridge between IoT devices and back-end systems and has many benefits.

    14 March 2022
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