Ross Riskin

Associate Professor of Taxation | Director, CFP and ChFC Education Programs at The American College Of Financial Services
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Ross Riskin is an Associate Professor of Taxation, Director of the CFP and ChFC Education Programs, and the Joseph E. Boettner Chair in Financial Gerontology at The American College of Financial Services. In addition to building engaging online education experiences and teaching courses in taxation and financial planning, Dr. Riskin’s research and professional expertise focus on tax planning with respect to college and student loan advising. He is also a Partner at Riskin & Riskin, PC and is the Founder of the American Institute of Certified College Financial Consultants (AICCFC).

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  • The reality is that many parents mistakenly claim their college-aged children as dependents when they shouldn’t be.

    12 February 2021
  • Investors should be reevaluating the asset allocation mixes in the 529 plans especially if they are using age-based portfolios — which most investors are. Those portfolios may be overweighted in equities given the planning time horizon and recent events.

    7 November 2020
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