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Rowland is a Senior Advisor at Gemic, advising clients on brand, growth, organizational design, marketing communication, crisis management and product strategies. He is the co-founder of Stake, the first loyalty program to invest in renters. Working at the intersection of customer experience and social purpose, he has also created products and branded experiences for companies in banking, tech, financial services, the arts, interiors, and fashion, and been on boards of social impact funds.

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  • Stake is cash back for renters. And we help owners and operators of rental properties deploy loyalty services to be able to get the actions they want from renters. That may be signing more leases, reducing delinquency or increasing renewals. Whatever they can think of that comes with loyalty, we can help improve. Then the renters get full banking services from us, starting with cash back and all the way through to FDIC-insured checking accounts and our Stake Visa debit card.

    30 November 2022