Russell E Carr

President at Berg Compliance Solutions, LLC
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I own an environmental, health and safety consulting company. We specialize in helping companies manage OSHA, EPA and state environmental compliance and risk issues.

I founded the company after struggling for years trying to manage these regulations with 3 small contracting businesses that I owned previously.

More recently we've been helping companies manage workplace COVID-19 issues.

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  • “According to recent studies, COVID-19 can ‘live’ on contaminated surfaces for up to four to five days depending on the surface type,” Carr said. “In order to account for this potential exposure, recycling facilities should allow recyclable materials to sit for up to five days to allow contamination time to expire, prior to allowing processing where employees might come into contact with contamination during sorting and other activities. Any suspect material should be disposed of in an approved landfill.”

    8 June 2020
  • "Most companies are implementing and managing certain aspects of a plan, such as identifying and isolating sick employees, social distancing, disinfecting, etc., but very few are implementing managing all aspects.”

    8 June 2020
  • “Unfortunately, there isn’t a single ‘official’ plan, so employers must study both OSHA and CDC guidance, and then determine which components apply to their situation and then implement and manage them accordingly,”

    8 June 2020
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