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Ryan Hicke will become SEI’s next chief executive officer and a member of its board of directors on June 1st. Prior to being named CEO, Ryan was Chief Information Officer and an Executive Vice President, responsible for the information technology strategy and investment operations for the company. His areas of expertise include information technology, enterprise technology strategy and solutions, and global product delivery and business development.

Previously, he was the Senior Vice President working on the SEI Wealth PlatformSM (SWP) since 2015 and responsible for the development and implementation units of SWP. Ryan led the company’s platform in the UK, including sales, service, delivery, product management, implementations and operations. Ryan has been with SEI since 1998 and holds a degree in Finance from Saint Joseph’s University.

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  • “I have the privilege of working alongside the most talented team in the industry each day, and I'm honored to serve as SEI's next CEO. I look forward to continuing to unlock SEI's potential, and I'm energized by the courage of our global workforce to capture the exciting opportunities ahead. SEI is uniquely positioned in the financial services industry to help our clients grow and manage change with confidence.”

  • “One of the things that I think has kept us being so relevant and fresh is our willingness to kind of challenge and reinvent ourselves every 10 years. I think our adherence to listening to clients and listening to the market and really trying to stay ahead of serving those needs.”

  • “I think moving forward every company will continue to figure out and think through how they position themselves more as a technology company. Technology has become front and center in everybody's strategy. It has been a big part of ours forever. And that technology is a big part of our asset management and investment management strategy.”

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