Sabari Raja

CEO and co-founder at Nepris
On the record

Sabari Raja grew up on a coconut farm in rural southern India. She emigrated to the US and started her career as an engineer working in the tech industry. In 2015, she founded Nepris after she realized that children where not getting to learn about or get interested in tech careers simply because they had no exposure to the industry. Nepris is an industry-to-classroom connecting platform and has brought nearly a half-million students together with working professionals in STEM and The Arts, virtually.

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  • STEM education is more urgent than ever with the pandemic ripping apart our model of how education should be operating. What is needed now is a greater emphasis on real-world experiences for students, like those we, at Nepris, bring to education. Students need to see people working in STEM careers to envision a potential pathway for themselves. Now that they are isolated at home, career exposure in STEM and The Arts is a vital part of keeping students learning and engaged.

    14 September 2020
  • From a personal standpoint, I am most proud of how this journey has affected my family in a very positive way. Some might think that running a company pulls you away from family. For me though, it has pulled us closer together. My proudest moments are when my two boys brag about their mom the entrepreneur.

    14 September 2020
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    21 December 2021
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