Sacha Nasan

Co-Founder at Blindlee
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I'm the co-founder of wellbeing app Relief and also of blurred video dating app Blindlee.

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  • We’re focusing on blind dating which is a subset of dating so you can say that indirectly rather than directly we are competing with the big dating apps (Tinder etc). This is more niche and is definitely a new, untried concept to the dating world. However the good thing about dating apps is that they are not substitutes but complements.

    Just like people may have installed Uber on their phone but also Hailo and Lyft, people have multiple datings app installed as well (to maximise their chances of finding a partner) and that is an advantage. Nonetheless we still think that we only indirectly compete with other dating apps.

    29 January 2021
  • article
    29 January 2021
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