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    Innovation provocateur, inventor, adventurer, author, futurist, and educator, Sally Dominguez’s unique blend of talents has led her on an extraordinary journey from her native Australia to her current Bay Area base. Sally’s experience includes manufacturing and invention, expert innovation, commentating and consulting, extreme driving, and journeys across China, the USA, and elsewhere to see pioneering technologies at work.

    Sally has unique experience practicing, observing, teaching, and advocating for innovation. She has updated Design Thinking from reactive to proactive with her Adventurous Thinking methodology, which goes beyond just creative thinking to promote the agile mindset needed for consistently innovative practices. Sally has recently deepened this practice with her new book and strategy for innovation and inclusion, EPIC Resilience.

    EPIC represents the balance of four essential quadrants of future-forward resilience: emotional strength, physical strength, intellectual curiosity, and creative confidence.

    Since COVID19, Sally has been advising organizations on bottom-up digitization strategies, hybrid solutions reflecting the impact and learnings of COVID, and decentralized resilience and human connection strategies.

    In her role as Innovation Strategy & Design Program Director at the noted Singularity University, founded by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil at Silicon Valley’s NASA Research Park, Sally designed and delivered programs to activate the Adventurous10X Mindset needed to flourish in the unrelenting change of our increasingly complex and connected world. Still working closely with Singularity but now on the faculty, Sally specializes in resilience, leadership, smart cities, future forecasting, and the future of transport.

    All of Sally's work originates from her purpose statement: Activating optimism and creative confidence in others”. Sally's passion is "leveling up" human ingenuity by activating every person’s creative and innovative thinking potential. To achieve this, she uses her EPIC Resilience strategy that unites inclusion and innovation, and her Adventurous Thinking Five Lens tool kit.

    Having grown up in Sydney’s culturally diverse and trendy neighborhood Darlinghurst, Sally has been around creative, inclusive, and driven people her whole life. She earned her BS and Bachelor of Architecture (the equivalent of a US Masters in Architecture) in just 5 years.

    After graduating she quickly became a sought-after architect and designer in Sydney, launching her own firm Sally Dominguez B. Architecture in 1995. Running until 2015, SDBA designed and oversaw 36 significant new builds and remodels, including a sustainable redevelopment in Bondi Beach, and numerous other interior refurbishments, plus some commercial work for shops and restaurants. Her architectural work has been published in Inside Out, Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

    In addition, from 2000 to 2008 Sally was a partner, founder, and creative director at BUG Designs where she developed and produced the Nest highchair, and associated children's furniture Nester and Nuzzle. Nest’s numerous awards and accolades include the 2005 Australian Design Awards, DesignMark, 2005 Industrial Design Australia Furniture Award, listed in Metropolitan Home's Top 100 2005, 2008 acquired by the Powerhouse Museum for its Australian Collection, and 2010 exhibited in the V&A Childhood exhibition, London.

    Beginning in 2005 Sally started to become a more public figure in Australia with her work for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She became an on-air judge for The New Inventors (Australia’s Shark Tank) judging Australian inventions on originality, design, safety, quality, and need, after she began on the show as an inventor herself, showing her Water HOG system. She also judged beer innovation on the Australian show Beer Factor, was the host for Business Education with Creative Live, and most recently co-hosted Great Aussie Inventions for Foxtel Australia.

    In 2006 Sally started another company, Rainwater HOG LLC, to develop, manufacture and sell her award-winning innovative modular rainwater storage solution. Sally designed the concept and oversaw the design development, branding, and production, first in Australia, then in the USA and Mexico. The design was chosen by green building pioneer David Gottfried for his own house! HOG is used by Greenpeace, Architects for Humanity, and other aid organizations as well as corporations, schools, and homes around the world. The design is visually discreet with unsurpassed functionality, and has won awards including Top 10 Green Building Products in the USA 2008, Spark Design Award 2008, California H&H Eco Product Award 2008, Canadian LOG 2008 Runner up, NSW Green Business Award, runner-up InnovateH2O international water-saving award, 2012 Japanese Eco Product award. Sally is currently completing a new higher-volume rainwater vessel, HOGzilla, to out-innovate the original modular Rainwater HOG.

    In addition to her broadcast and sustainability work, Sally has also become an expert on sustainable vehicles, initially as a journalist for Fairfax Media, Bauer Media, and Virgin’s in-flight magazine, Voyeur. Sally and her driving partner Sammy finished 47th out of more than 160 vehicles in the Rally Aicha des Gazelles, driving an Amarok for Volkswagen, an extreme female-only rally taking place across 2,500km through the dunes of Morocco. She was later recruited as a judge for Drive, and Wheels’ Car of the Year. This led to a reunion with her fellow New Inventors judge Mark Pesce to co-host his popular global podcast The Next Billion Seconds for an eight-episode season – The Next Billion Cars in 2019.

    As her notoriety grew, Sally has pivoted to teaching others the methodologies that she herself uses to be creative and successful. She’s shared her approaches in her recently released book EPIC Resilience, via numerous speaking engagements via agency Claxton Speakers International and the US-based BIG SPEAK, eight years of teaching creative thinking at Stanford University, as an instructor in Adventurous Thinking for Creative Live, and as a program director and faculty member at the Singularity University.

    Sally has consulted with Fortune 500 companies in the USA, secondary school teachers in Australia, government workers in China, and numerous corporations and organizations including IKEA, as their sustainable resilience expert for their 2020 Life At Home Report. She has provided future strategy and innovation tools to forward-thinking organizations including NASA, Rockwell Automation, Start-se, and other startup incubators, the Amazing Experiences LatAm network, and various financial institutions worldwide.

    6 December 2021
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