Sam Kim

Founding Partner at Umbrella Network
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Samuel Kim is a founding partner of Umbrella Network, a layer-two oracle empowering the next generation of DeFi applications. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of Lucidity, a blockchain-based transparency solution for digital advertising and a co-founder of Gimbal, a mobile advertising platform. He is a graduate of Columbia University and received his MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business, where he concentrated in analytic finance.

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  • We’re thrilled to have HashQuark join as one of the marquee validators on the Umbrella Network. Through HashQuark’s strategic support and involvement more generally, Umbrella will be able to vastly expand our network. As we look ahead to the launch of our mainnet, adding HashQuark to our growing list of strategic partners helps us build an even firmer foundation not only for markets across Asia but around the world.

    10 June 2021
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    10 June 2021
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