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Owner at Samantha Cassetty Nutrition & Wellness, LLC and 1 other company
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Samantha is a nationally recognized food, nutrition, and wellness expert with deep industry, media, and communications experience, She have worked with both legacy brands and emerging food and beverage brands to provide trend, regulatory, and industry insights and shape messaging and communications strategies to connect with key consumers and drive growth.

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  • Some people like reserving hours on a Sunday to meal prep, but this strategy can quickly fall apart if it makes you feel overwhelmed and resentful that you have to spend so much time in the kitchen. This type of large-scale Sunday prep can also backfire if your plans happen to change. In this case, the items require very little prep or hands-on time, and you can add other components and seasonings throughout the week to add variety.

    10 May 2021
  • 2022 will bring an increased focus on ditching fad diets and embracing mindful eating. It’s important to start listening to what your body is telling you! Whole grain carbohydrates, like brown rice and quinoa, provide essential nutrients and a slow-burning form of energy. Instead of shunning or fearing carbs, for instance, mindful eating can help you enjoy them. Fad diets are really alluring because they promise fast and easy results, but the truth is they’re often really restrictive and hard to follow. Ditching this diet mentality is gaining a lot of momentum. Instead of eliminating your favorite foods, it’s more helpful and sustainable to learn how to include them healthfully. Also, as you’re eating, limit digital distractions and take note of what you’re enjoying about your meal.

    10 May 2021
  • When you eat a sugary diet, it puts you at a higher risk of heart disease, dementia, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. It increases your chances of weight gain. But it may be a factor in other problems, too. For example, a typical American diet high in added sugars has been linked with anxiety and sleeping problems. A sugary diet is also tied to more wrinkles and acne.

    10 May 2021