Sandy Carter

Senior Vice President at Unstoppable Domains
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Sandy is the Senior Vice President at Unstoppable Domains. She has loved every role she has played including general management, sales, start-up management, marketing , strategy, and ecosystem development. Some of her favorites have involved turnaround executive management and creation of new categories like SOA, smarter workforce, and ecosystems. Sandy has the ability to manage multi disciplinary projects and to navigate complex situations, solving them with both simplicity and teamwork.

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  • It’s clear to me that crypto, NFTs, and Web3 are the future, and that Unstoppable Domains is building the tools to accelerate global adoption. We’re at a key moment in history as blockchain technology takes off, and I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work building a team, forging new partnerships, and taking Unstoppable Domains to the next level. NFT domains are your name on the internet, social profile for web3, payment address for all of your cryptocurrencies, your own website URL, and soon to be your login for the entire decentralized web. And this is just the beginning.

    3 May 2022
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