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CEO at Roambee
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Sanjay Sharma is a strategic thought leader with an impressive 17+ years of entrepreneurial experience building technology startups from the ground up. As CEO of Roambee, he is responsible for leading the company’s vision, driving its worldwide business growth, and increasing Roambee's value. Sanjay has co-founded and led two successful Silicon Valley technology startups - KeyTone Technologies, which was acquired by Global Asset Tracking Ltd and Plexus Technologies, which became an ICICI Ventures portfolio company. He has also been a part of the engineering teams at EMC, Schlumberger, and NASA.

Sanjay has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Bombay, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota State University.

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  • AI serves as the catalyst that fuels supply chains with the nimbleness and adaptability required to react elegantly amidst the capricious winds of evolving customer preferences, market dynamics, and emerging trends.

  • In a business world that evolves at a breakneck pace, the modern supply chain faces an array of challenges that demand flexibility and resilience. From unforeseeable disruptions to the constant ebb and flow of customer demands, companies must innovate to uphold resilience and agility.

  • To get reliable visibility and actionable intelligence, companies need a combination of healthy visibility data and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics to gain deep insights into their supply chain operations and make swift informed decisions. Healthy visibility data requires accurate, timely, firsthand sensor-driven signals.

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