Sanjiv Gupta

President & CEO at OpsVeda
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Sanjiv Gupta is the President & CEO at OpsVeda, Inc. He has over 20 years of experience, Industry expertise across High Tech, Electronics Manufacturing & Component supplier, Consumer Packaged Goods, Life Sciences, Construction.

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  • Until now, we were primarily presenting our capabilities as a long-term fix to a company's supply chain needs. Our applications also provide organizations with short-term solutions to help identify and plug the sudden and rapidly deteriorating problems that appear to be common-place these days. Our customers have used the OpsVeda platform to get their operations in shape quickly.

  • Suddenly, there is a need for real-time information provided by digital software. And we’ve got it. What began as an existential risk for us has turned into an opportunity.

  • We are excited about the journey ahead with OpsVeda and the opportunity to truly transform the business intelligence and analytics space. Unlike the single source limitations of ERP based transactional reports, and ‘after the fact’ batch mode of most BI systems, OpsVeda enables continuous visibility into real-time business activity data spanning systems and partners, and this feeds into a rules based prioritization of what needs to be addressed first, enabling real time decision support to users and managers in sales, logistics, supply and manufacturing operations.

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