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Championing sustainable living, Sarah is committed to rekindling our bond with nature. A lifelong beach, food, and salsa dancing enthusiast, she spent 40 years exploring forest and beach locations before making it her daily lifestyle. Hailing from a small town in Northern Michigan, she thrived living abroad in six different countries and traveling to over 60 others before discovering her paradise in Panama - a prized rainforest property with a private beach cove on the Caribbean coast. Together with her Panamanian husband, she dedicated the past six years to developing Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach and a vast food forest, a testament to their joint passion for sustainability.

With a rich background in public speaking and media from her expatriate business executive days and a pivotal role as the primary Family Advocate following the Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappearance in 2014, Sarah has an extensive media footprint. Her partner, Philip Wood, was on that tragedy-stricken flight, still missing after nearly a decade. Searching Sarah Bajc online will reveal numerous print, video, live television, and documentary appearances surrounding her tech industry career and MH370 involvement. Currently, her media pursuits focus on Climate Friendly Travel, Sustainable Tourism, and her personal experience establishing a small eco resort in Panama's rainforest.

If you're searching for a lively and appealing contributor on topics like expatriate parenting (Sweden, France, Israel, China, Malaysia, Panama), crafting genuine travel experiences, raising third-culture kids, integrating nature into your life, benefits of regular yoga, growing and creatively preparing your own food, sustainable travel and ecotourism, building an off-grid eco-resort, or the adventures of rainforest living, reach out to Sarah. Swift and witty responses guaranteed!

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