Sarah Gundle

Psychologist; International Mental Health Consultant at Self Employed
On the record

Dr. Sarah Gundle is a clinical psychologist specializing in trauma. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute and a master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, with a concentration in human rights. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Gundle teaches courses on trauma and international mental health at Mount Sinai Hospital Center, where she also on the supervisory and adjunct staff. Dr. Gundle is a member of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) and works in their Asylum network, where she evaluates the mental health of torture and persecution survivors seeking asylum. She is also clinical faculty at the Mount Sinai Human Rights clinic.

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  • Creating a home is such a personal thing. And it sort of was. They kept getting into a fight about the table. She wanted him to go with her to pick it out as the place where they’d have family dinners and Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. He resisted and said, ‘Here’s the money, go buy what you want.’ She was crushed that he didn’t care about doing it together. He or she could get pulled into ‘rescuing’ them, thinking maybe building the perfect home could solve their problems and bring them back together. It’s a really complicated place to be. You’re serving the couple as people, but you’re also invested—professionally, personally, financially—in building a home. It’s easy to be unclear about what your role is supposed to be.

    30 July 2021
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