Sarah Santos

Managing Partner, co-founding attorney at Davis & Santos PLLC
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Sarah Santos is the co-founder and managing partner of Davis & Santos. Sarah primarily focuses her legal practice on banking and commercial litigation. Throughout her career, Sarah has been a trusted advisor for clients in the U.S. and Mexico. Sarah’s banking practice involves representing and advising financial institutions in a variety of litigation, compliance, and transactional matters including lender liability claims, UCC claims, wrongful foreclosure claims, unsuitable investment claims, employee embezzlement schemes, government investigations, commercial collections, REO and note sales, and BSA compliance. Prior to co-founding Davis & Santos, Sarah served as in-house counsel for an international financial institution. During her tenure as in-house counsel, she was responsible for managing and overseeing all litigation across the U.S. She also provided support to the bank’s compliance, corporate security and internal audit departments in the investigation of fraud matters, government investigations and other law enforcement requests. A native Spanish speaker, Sarah regularly represents clients in cross-border matters involving parties and assets in Mexico.

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  • "Embezzlers often don't take any time off because obscuring these schemes from prying eyes is a full-time job. If an embezzler is out of the office when someone begins wondering where a certain amount of money went, there's nobody there to cover it up. Every company should force employees to go on vacation and disconnect. Because that's when all of a sudden, if you're not there to cover up something, then it comes to light," Sarah Santos says.

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    6 July 2022
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