Scott A. Bishop

Executive Director of Wealth Solutions at Avidian Wealth Solutions
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Scott Bishop is the Executive Director of Wealth Solutions with Avidian Wealth Solutions (formerly STA Wealth Management), a Houston based RIA Firm. In this role, Scott guides clients through the process of identifying and realizing their personal financial planning goals while working with them to help develop, implement and monitor strategies to help assure the long-term coordination of their overall financial, retirement, business planning.

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  • It’s not like the income tax is going away by deferring the RMDs. It just allows the tax bill to grow even bigger.

    25 September 2018
  • I suggest they perform a Portfolio Stress Test. Part of that is to see how your portfolio strategy and holdings would perform under historical volatile situations.

    13 April 2018
  • The “sweet spot” is in short-term maturities (six months to two years). That is because an investor can get paid decent interest temporarily while evaluating longer-term stock or bond opportunities.

    14 March 2018
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