Scott Francis

Technology Evangelist at PFU America, Inc.
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Scott loves technology and how it can help make society better. He believes in continuous improvement. Scott have been focused on the enterprise content management industry since its inception and believe that it provides an important solution to help us harness all of our information so it can be used to make decisions faster and with a higher degree of business intelligence.

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  • In 2021, transparency rules the day. Consumers currently appreciate it, but soon they will come to expect it. No longer will consumers take a company‚Äôs word for it: when it comes to billing, voting, healthcare, and government processes, customers want to see their forms being submitted and approved. While paper processes continue to be necessary, digital access from mobile accounts or CRM tools will become increasingly popular. This functionality is rapidly becoming standard as companies reengineer how they interface with customers, especially in the healthcare and government verticals.

    20 December 2021
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