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CEO and co-owner, IDIQ® at IDIQ
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Scott Hermann, IDIQ® co-owner and CEO, is one of the nation’s leading experts in credit report monitoring, identity theft protection and data breach management. He began his career in Chicago focusing on third-party data administration before joining financial services provider First American to run Confidential Credit Insight and the MyPrivateCredit, two of the first credit monitoring products in the nation, which he grew from $3 million to $100 million before exiting the company in 2011. At age 28, Hermann was the youngest senior vice president for First American before the company split into First Advantage and CoreLogic®.

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  • Scott Hermann – Financial Literacy pitch

    Scott Hermann is one of the nation’s leading credit experts. As the CEO of credit report monitoring firm IDIQ, Hermann can speak directly to how Americans can take steps to actively improve their financial picture by taking charge of their credit. During his career, Hermann oversaw the rapid development of the country’s first two credit monitoring products, earning him unique insight into how Americans can take control of their personal finances, a particularly relevant topic during Financial Literacy Month. Hermann can contribute to conversations about a number of topics, including how to get a stronger hold on your finances during a period of inflation; how inflation might affect your credit score; how to address inaccuracies on your credit report; and what common actions might actually ding your credit scores.

    13 April 2022
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    CEO and co-owner, IDIQ®