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CEO at Wurk and 2 other companies
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Scott Kenyon is the CEO of Würk. He is an Enterprise SaaS and Services Executive with 20+ years of successfully growing revenue leading sales and operational organizations. Scott has experience in startup environments, global markets as well as creating and reinvigorating new logo and renewal/customer success teams within well established organizations.

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  • The level of demand we received for this round reflects investors’ high confidence in Wurk’s value proposition and ability to provide unequaled HCM solutions to the complex, rapidly-growing cannabis industry.

    18 October 2021
  • The cannabis industry is in a period of hypergrowth, and by streamlining the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process, we are giving operators the ability to grow at the pace with rising demand. This partnership with engin furthers our commitment to create an industry-leading suite of workforce management solutions to the industry, so HR leaders can focus on workforce retention and growth.

    18 October 2021
  • The industry is much safer than it was, but it’s still very dangerous because it involves a ton of cash. It’s unfortunate that it’s needed. The employees in our industry should be able to work in a safer environment.

    18 July 2021
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