Scott Meyer

Wealth Manager + Partner at Merit Financial Advisors
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Scott started his financial planning career at Smith Barney, where he worked with individual wealth management, retirement plans and in the fixed income market. After leaving the large institution, he saw the benefit a boutique firm can offer their clients. The supportive environment, along with best in class service is what attracted Scott to Merit Financial Advisors. Raised in Atlanta, Scott holds a Bachelor degree from Valdosta State University, where he received both golf and academic scholarships.

At Merit Financial Advisors, Scott spends his time advising clients towards the pursuit of their financial goals. From early on in his career, Scott has a passion for helping others set and work towards their financial dreams.

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  • The definition of the word ‘retire’ is actually ‘to remove yourself from a situation,’ but in reality, retiring is actually starting a new chapter of your life. It’s not about leaving the workforce; it’s about starting a new chapter, and it’s important to think about what that new chapter will look like and how you can put a monetary value behind it.

    15 February 2022
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