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After more than a decade working inside the credit industry, I'm now using my unique insider perspective to provide debt and personal finance content for those who need it most.

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  • The immediate financial future for young people will no longer be held in cash. Already today and certainly in 10 years’ time, young people will not ask their parents for a couple of dollars to run down to the shops but instead, their allowance will be added to a card and the child will use Apple Pay to buy their sweets. Even further into the future, I imagine cryptocurrency will take over entirely from cash, but more so now from contactless payments and smart accounts. Once crypto settles down, prices become tangible to goods and mining becomes sustainable, kids won’t be paying with crumpled up notes or warm coins from being held tight in a kids hand, but from watches, microchips, and using original-mined cryptocurrency — a little different to 25 years ago.