Sebastian Jania

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Director at Ontario Property Buyers, Alberta Property Buyers, and Manitoba Property Buyers. We are a real estate solutions and investment company.

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  • “[Wholesalers] can use some money to get leads that are looking to sell their properties for cash, put those properties under contract, and then sell those contracts to [investors like a] landlord or house flipper. Using that small amount of initial money they can have it flipped into a much larger assignment fee that they can have cashed out in as little as a few days,” said Sebastian Jania, director at Ontario Property Buyers.

    It’s important to do some networking and research beforehand, so you have an idea of where to look for leads as well as where you can sell your contracts.

  • "The tiny home itself does have pretty nice design and it does look like a very cozy space," says Sebastian Jania, owner of Ontario Property Buyers. "Further, at a price of under $10,000 one is able to get a shell for a property along with some interior features. For someone that's looking at getting an RV or living out of a trailer, this could be a wise alternative for minimalistic living."

  • “The thing that makes these states a great investment opportunity is the fact that there is a strong catalyst for growth; that strong catalyst is a high net migration into the state,” said Sebastian Jania, owner of Ontario Property Buyers, a real estate solutions and investment company.

    “What this means is that more people are choosing to move into the state than leave the state. This results in more money coming into the state’s economy, an increase in rent prices, an increase in real estate asset prices and a larger demand for anything that the state offers. Because of this catalyst, I would expect the rate of appreciation in these states to exceed the national average.”