Sergei Rezvin

Co-Founder at School 16
On the record

As seen on Forbes and Harvard Business Review, Sergei Revzin is a tech entrepreneur, educator, mentor, and co-founder of School16, an online education program that teaches coders and non-coders the skills they need to secure high-paying jobs in the tech sector. The company’s mission is to make lucrative technology careers accessible to anyone regardless of their background, experience, or economic situation. 

Revzin previously served as a venture investor at the NYU Innovation Venture Fund and has helped create tech companies in New York and Boston. He has also mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs around the country with Venture for America, a non-profit organization that gives recent college graduates firsthand startup experience.

As co-host of The Mentors Podcast with his twin brother Vadim, Revzin discusses all things entrepreneurship, talking honestly about the real struggles and triumphs of owning a business.