Seth Rachlin

Executive Vice President, Global Insurance Industry Leader at Capgemini
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  • The World Insurance Report 2020 shows a profound jump in the number of consumers who are interested in UBI, especially the pay-as-you-drive and pay-per-mile type solutions. To operate those programmes, insurers have got to be able to consume the right data to make those offers effective and to price them properly. The finding in our report about UBI before the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s prior to everybody having their car sitting in the garage for a few months.

    We’ve seen several carriers who have pay-as-you-drive, usage-based offerings experience a substantial increase in demand for those offerings as a consequence of the pandemic. I think that underscores the desire to have the insurance product more tailored to the use and the risk than the more traditional term-based coverages in the market today.

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    Executive Vice President, Global Insurance Industry Leader