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Founder & CEO at Shamina Taylor Inc
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Shamina Taylor, Attorney and Wealth Expert & Mentor, helps high achievers level up in their personal lives and in their businesses by teaching them how to become the most powerful, fulfilled, wealthy, and successful version of themselves. With over 20 years of experience, Shamina is a top industry leader and has helped hundreds build their businesses, both on- and off-line. Her top clients are making up to $75k a month in recurring revenue and have multiple 7 figure businesses. Shamina herself has had a record-breaking year. Despite the pandemic, her business crossed the 7 figure cash received mark in less than 12 months. Shamina has spoken at The Wealth Summit, The Intuitive Entrepreneur, and The Smarter Income Stream. She is the creator of numerous online programs including Infinite Wealth, Irresistible Offers, and Magnetic Power. With a combined social media following of over 50k, Shamina has been featured on Washington DC’s ABC7, ABC Sacramento’s Your California Life, Medium’s Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global for her expertise.

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  • Too many people like being comfortable and avoid change like the plague. So when times are changing, which they continuously do, you have to be willing to change with them. Being uncomfortable is what breeds change, growth, and new success. If we are too comfortable, we are not growing as leaders.

    19 January 2022
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    21 October 2022
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    4 December 2021