Shane Henry

Founder and CEO at Reconnaissance Group
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Shane is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Reconnaissance Group. He has managed the growth and development of the company since inception in 2006. Shane has developed Reconnaissance Group into a multinational security risk management company, managed by a dedicated expert team of professionals based in Dublin, New York and Port Au Prince.

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  • How is it set up to calmly prepare for a crisis, whatever that crisis may be? And what is the impact on our people? A core component of that is to look at your leaders – not your executive team, but people that will probably emerge as leaders at all levels. We see that, between earthquakes, the aftermath of hurricanes and political fallout, companies have had people emerge as leaders at all levels. That raises the question: what can you do beforehand to help you identify potentially emergent leaders? Because they’re the people you’re going to rely on in the aftermath.

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