Sharel Omer

CEO and Co-Founder at Affogata
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Sharel Omer is an Israeli entrepreneur whose passion for personal connections and building relationships has made him dedicated to bringing the consumer voice's power to brands and organizations. He's the CEO & Co-Founder of Affogata, a leading Consumer Intelligence Platform that enables brands to be truly customer-obsessed by bringing their customers' voice to the right teams in the organization. Affogata's powerful portfolio of clients includes names like, Fiverr, Lemonade, eToro, MyHeritage, Plarium, and more.

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  • There is a heightened understanding of the role of brand image and online communities in corporate value creation.

    22 May 2021
  • Our ability to provide customer opinions and actionable insights for multiple stakeholders in real-time is a major differentiator for any brand, especially with the continued rise of online communities like Reddit. This funding round is a big vote of confidence in our platform and will provide us with the ability to empower countless brands with a robust set of tools to improve their products, strengthen their online presence, and really stand apart when it comes to offering a superior customer experience while maintaining a strong reputation.

    22 May 2021
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