Sharita Humphrey

Certified Financial Education Instructor at Self Financial
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Sharita knows first-hand that financial freedom has a blueprint and she’s committed to helping women change the financial trajectories of their lives.

Sharita is a certified financial educator, speaker and coach. At her namesake financial consulting company, Sharita helps minority women better understand, manage and grow their money.

Sharita also helps Black and Brown entrepreneurs learn how to accelerate their businesses and secure funding through her other company, BH Ventures which offers a comprehensive education program.

Sharita was named the 2020 National FInancial Educator of the Year for her work within her local community and across the country. She is the national partner and media spokesperson for Self Financial, Inc., and has been featured in top-tier media including CNBC, iHeartMedia, Forbes, Yahoo Finance and BBC World News.

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  • A lot of times we’re shopping at what’s within our neighborhoods. Depending on where you live, you may or may not have a means of transportation, or there may be very limited public transportation. So of course, we’re going to use what’s close; especially for those who have young children at home, we’re not trying to go too far away. Unfortunately, those particular food deserts tend to greatly benefit because they know that this is the only thing within a certain mile radius of where we live, or what’s available. Having more of the bigger box stores come into the communities, especially for those who are Black and brown will definitely help to reduce the cost of what we’re doing.

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