Sharon Glassman

Designer/Songwriter, Founder at Smile Songs cards + gifts that sing
On the record

Best New Product, 2022: Las Vegas Souvenir and Resort Show. Smile Songs delights grown-ups and kids with winsome words, fun art and endearing original songs that deliver meaningful ideas. And because we use QR codes to make our products sing, we’re eco-friendly, interactive and smartphone lifestyle friendly stationery, too.

Grown-ups and kids literally jump for joy when they see and hear them.

To amplify the feel-good powers of my designs and messages, I handcraft a song for each Smile Songs product. Just use the cute QR code or link on the art to hear it.

• Frequently featured in Stationery Trends Magazine, podcasts and publications

• About me: NYC fashion journalist, performer and voice actor (“Up next, it’s the Golden Girls on Lifetime!”) turned Colorado designer/songwriter of cards and gifts that boost the spirit and delight the senses.

• A proud introvert, I offer special cards and gifts for quiet folks, too.

• See and hear Smile Songs products at

• Request samples for media coverage at

* Follow me on Instagram at @smile_songs

As an experienced media guest, on-air essayist and performer, I am a professional, friendly and fun print or live media interview.

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  • As an introvert, I’m a deep listener. Listening to what folks say – and don’t – has led me to take a lot of risks in my life and career. Because I pick up on the things folks are craving. And want to be of service, to address that problem, to deliver that thing.

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