Sharon Scanlon

Sr. VP, Customer Experience, Marketing and Transformation, Workplace Solutions at Lincoln Financial Group
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Sharon is an experienced tech-savvy Digital and CX executive with strong financial acumen who enjoys and excels in leading innovative, challenging and impact-driven ventures scaling marketing, product, and operations.

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  • Recruit on-the-ground or virtual financial wellness program champions who can help inspire fellow employees to participate. Employees who are mission-driven and motivated and who have a passion for the program's goals can engage their colleagues and help increase participation with the program.

  • It is clear that while the COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone to different degrees, what the majority of workers have in common is their focus on improving their financial wellness. People are looking to their employers now for resources and education that will help them turn those good intentions into action so that they can achieve financial security.

  • Our research found consumers are especially interested in protection during times of financial uncertainty, which reinforces the need for financial planning. Everyone has competing priorities but making a few easy adjustments can help people achieve their financial goals.

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