Sharyn Grose

On the record

My career journey began with people recognizing my gift with story and seeking my help. I was pleased to not only hear how much they loved my work but that it also secured them that desired interview or their dream job. What started as helping a few friends turned into a journey to learn more about how to effectively use my gift for words to help people.

I use story as the foundation of learning about people. With a genuine interest in people and easygoing nature, I gather stories with insightful questions to get people to think beyond the surface. Let’s face it, it’s hard to promote yourself and see that the seemingly small or insignificant things you have, know, and do actually reveal the power you have. You often need an outside eye to make the vision clearer.

People have described me as a “caring, nurturing, and calming presence” with a “tremendous sense of responsibility”.

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Personal Brand Strategist and Career Coach, I love the opportunity to connect to people and help guide them to their strengths, passions, and purpose.