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Shaun is a Senior Market Analyst at He has worked in financial markets for over eight years, and until recently ran IG’s Durban branch in South Africa, before moving to Johannesburg. As Market Analyst he presents their CFD trading seminars around the country. In addition, Shaun is a regular Commentator on local financial markets, making contributions to the various forms of media and writing daily and weekly market reports. He is a registered person on the Johannesburg stock exchange and a certified market technician (CFTE).

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  • For many traders, commodities offer the right amount of volatility and, more importantly, exposure to the real economy rather than the financial economy. We’ve seen prices of commodities like oil, copper, zinc and palladium go through the roof as a result of the post-Covid economic rebound, and more recently because of the Ukraine war. And, as high as these prices are, we may not be anywhere near the top of the cycle.

    11 April 2022
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    Senior Market Analyst