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Shaun W. Pappas practices in the general real estate group with a focus on development and offering plans. Mr. Pappas works with developers, lenders and investors in the acquisition, sale, and financing of complex commercial, mixed-use, and luxury residential properties in New York. Mr. Pappas assists clients in all aspects of project development, including the preparation of offering plans, drafting declarations, the condominium creation process, negotiation of purchase and sale agreements, and the closing of title.

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  • The trend in the market is to really cater to those people that are big pet owners in the city. Most buildings don't restrict anymore. You know, even the older co-ops have kind of come to terms with the fact that pet restrictions just aren't really the way of the future. … When you have an increase in that type of lifestyle, you see the services industry increase as well.

    12 July 2022
  • Site owners must make sure the building is adequately protected, and make sure that the neighbors and the neighboring areas are adequately protected.

    12 July 2022
  • The real estate values in New York City dropped, but only for a short period of time.

    3 April 2021