Shaun Veran

COO / Co-Founder at Ouragami
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Shaun Veran is a Cofounder at Ouragami. His family’s experience with cancer was the catalyst for all of this. It may have started with the diagnosis, but their experience with these amazing charitable organizations really motivated them to continue giving back to these communities.

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  • We’ve been manufacturing antimicrobial products for three years, and believe these self-sterilizing properties are key to ensuring the safest possible protection when wearing a mask. We’ve also done a ton of research into what people are looking for in a mask and have found it can range from person-to-person, which is why we’ve created a range of options to keep our communities both healthy and comfortable. Whether running errands or running on the treadmill – our masks are specifically tailored to protect and enable a healthy lifestyle.

    31 October 2021
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    COO / Co-Founder