Shavon Jones

Regulatory Attorney and Sales Trainer at RegulatorGuards, LLC
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Shavon is an award-winning attorney (South Florida Business Journal; Miami Herald’s Legacy Magazine) and an expert in both regulatory law and the sale and marketing of professional services. She has authored two sales books: 52 Sales Tips & How to Use Them and Sales for Lawyers and publishes For Lawyers Only, a quarterly business development magazine. She is active on the speaking and training circuit having addressed audiences at the LSSO Global Sales Summit, NABHOOD Summit, and the National Bar Association convention among others. She has been featured in The Florida Courier, Key Biscayne Magazine, South Florida Times, MIA Magazine, More Magazine, and others.

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  • First Boulevard financial services blog (re: tips for small businesses on how to demonstrate value to prospective clients): “I would make sure that whenever I was going to have a public hearing, I would send an email out to folks I wanted to land as clients. I’d give them a video link so they could watch me do the hearing live.”

    19 October 2021
  • The Florida Courier newspaper: “The Legislature was intending to eliminate bad schools that are not getting their graduates licensed. But the law they passed is too broad and is eliminating good programs that are needed to provide adequate educational opportunities to Florida residents who want to become nurses.”

    19 October 2021
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