Shawn Bice

President of Products and Technology at Splunk
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Shawn is the President of Products and Technology at Splunk. He is oversees technical divisions including product, engineering, design, architecture, as well as the CIO, CTO, and CISO functions. Under his leadership, Splunk continues to help customers lower costs, reduce complexity, and accelerate innovation by optimizing their data investments to support their long-term business strategies. Shawn has a successful record of building and operating native cloud services at scale and velocity and driving on-premise to SaaS transitions. A portion of his success has come through deep customer centricity and top talent attraction and retention.

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  • I am excited to join the talented team at Splunk and look forward to helping Splunk’s customers along their journey to the cloud and the company advance during this next phase of growth. When it comes to data, we have only scratched the surface, and there is a tremendous opportunity for customers to reimagine and accelerate their business, both in the cloud and on-premises edge. Splunk leads with a customer-centric approach and is people-centered at the heart of its business. That value system empowers Splunk’s customers and employees to greatly transform the way we work together.

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