Shelly-Ann Eweka

Senior Director of Financial Planning Strategy at TIAA
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Shelly is a nationally known financial planner and well-known speaker who has pushed to narrow the widening gap in retirement savings between genders and different races. After nearly three decades in financial services, Shelly serves as an expert on the Woman-to-Woman Community section of and within the firm, she launched a group called Black Indigenous Women of Color Financial Advisors/Planners of TIAA. She’s frequently quoted by news outlets, such Bloomberg, CNBC, USA Today, Black Enterprise and CNN.

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  • "We know that women earn 82 cents on the dollar compared to men. Specifically, Black women earn 63 cents on the dollar, and Latina women earn 53 cents on the dollar. We still have this huge gap. It directly impacts retirement because if you’re earning less money then you have less cash flow to be able to put toward your retirement account."

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