Shiliang Tang

Chief Investment Officer at Ledger Prime
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Shiliang Tang is the Chief Investment Officer at Ledger Prime. Shiliang has more than 10 years developing and trading derivatives and quantitative strategies (UBS, Bank of America). He is a seasoned startup founder and Fintech executive who was previously Cofounder and COO of WorldCover, a global Insurtech startup backed by prominent venture capital investors. He has a B.S. from MIT. Completed both the CFA and CAIA programs.

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  • The Fireblocks/X-Margin integration perfectly combines cross-platform collateralization, risk transfer, and settlements into one comprehensive package that encompasses the whole life cycle of a trade. This has been a crucial infrastructure piece that has evaded the institutional digital asset markets until now.

    19 October 2021
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    19 October 2021
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